What is AppPrinter?

A simple and easy way for writers, publishers and content creators to publish their great work in a high-quality, native iPhone app.

Why does that matter? A great book is a great book, right?

Right. We love books and great writing.

But the content of a great book is often left on the bookshelf, or buried away in the Kindle or iBooks app.

We think great content should be served up in a form optimised for mobile. Either as a reminder of something great we've read, or as a prompt to explore more.

And we don't think great content should be beholden to some feed algorithm of a social network.

What's a native app? What separates you from other App Creation tools?

A native app is an app written specifically for a smartphone, such as the iPhone.

It makes use of the same mobile technology that powers the best mobile apps in the world. It's not a web app pretending to be a real app.

Because native apps are built specifically for smartphone technology they look and feel better, and can take advantage of all aspects of the smartphone - such as iOS Today Widgets.

Why are Today Widgets important?

Today Widgets let you put your content front and center, right on the iPhone's Today screen.

It lets users of your app get prompts and reminders of your content's messsage every time they look at the Today screen.

I want my app to do something custom. How do I do that?

If you really feel you need something more custom than what AppPrinter provides out of the box, please get in touch.

We can discuss options for creating either tailored versions of an AppPrinter created app, or a fully custom app.

Please note: the cost of doing custom work is significant, and for most people we recommend starting with an app created with AppPrinter.

I'm ready to publish my app on the App Store? Why do I need an Apple Developer Account

Apple requires the creator of an app's content to have their own developer account.

We can help you set this up.

What about Android support?

Android support is coming.

We want to make sure we provide a great Android experience, rather than rush something out.

My question or concern isn't listed here. How do I get in touch?

Please send us an email, and we'll get back to you.